Shaman Masks
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    SCULPTURES - I believe it was Henri Matisse who said that sculpture was
    simply painting with form instead of color. In reflecting upon my transition from
    the two-dimensional world of painting to the three-dimensional world of
    sculpture I can see this truth.

    In much the same vein as Matisse, my sculptural explorations came out of a
    desire to move beyond the confines of the canvas into a more tactile medium.
    My initial efforts were focused on wood and mixed-media assemblage works in
    which the theme sometimes informed the shapes I used. In other instances, it
    was the shapes that informed the theme and gesture of the final piece.

    As in painting, color still played a vital role in the final work; however it was the
    different viewpoints afforded by sculpture that provided me with the overall
    visual structure. My sculptures have ranged from interpretations of ethnic
    cultures to other works driven by my own inspiration.

    THE SHAMAN MASK VISIONARY ART SERIES - I have long been fascinated
    by the concept of transitory impermanence, as in human life, and the ability to
    utilize consciousness to move between varying states of beingness.

    Over the ages, this play of human consciousness has perhaps been raised to
    its highest level in the every world culture by those we call “shamans”. This
    special group of people acts as intermediaries between the natural and
    supernatural worlds, wherein they transmit their knowledge of unseen realms
    into our time-space dimension through spoken word, music, art and dance.

    Though in many cultures becoming shaman involves taking a personal vision
    quest or even apprenticeship under a practicing shaman, the state of shaman
    most commonly comes about through a personal crisis or trauma which
    spontaneously creates a portal into unseen realms of both higher and lower
    worlds. In a sense, any person who has undergone a trauma of some sort has
    either knowingly or unknowingly experienced the transcendent state of mind
    that shamans constantly live in.

    For me, the Shaman Masks which I have created evoke the sense of mystery
    of what may lie in the uncharted spaces which human consciousness may
    traverse - masks being obdurate facades which conceal fortitude and emotion,
    yet simultaneously being permeable portals allowing a fluidic movement
    beyond time and space. Masks camouflage as yet uncharted places in a
    person which give refuge to the hidden essence of a being verging on
    transformation to unseen worlds that have as much reality and validity as the
    mundane diurnal matrix in which we often find ourselves living.

    THE NEW AGE VISIONARY ART SERIES - Over the years, painting has been
    my primary medium and it has evolved greatly from my initial years of
    watercolors based on decorative arts into the works which are presented here.

    I have never received any formal training in art, but have gained all of my
    artistic skills through experimentation with various materials and processes.
    The paintings on this website are a small sampling of the numerous works
    which I have created along similar themes. An in-depth explanation of my
    creative philosophy can be found by clicking on the “About Me” link at the top
    of this page.
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